Featuring more than 45 delicious fruit and vegetable products with extraordinary health benefits, Graceland assures ever-increasing supplies of raw fruits and vegetables from field to consumer. US ONLY
Ocean Spray was founded in 1930 by three independent cranberry growers. Now one of America's leading brands, Ocean Spray remains a grower-owned agricultural cooperative to this day. Ocean Spray ITG develops fruit ingredients for the global food and beverage industry.
Traina Foods produces the world's finest sun dried fruit, serving manufacturers, ingredient companies and distributors. We ensure the highest standard of quality: California at its best with premium sun dried taste. US Only.
Unique Ingredients’ aim is to provide a flexible “user-friendly” way of purchasing fruit ingredients. Our partner, Surfrut is a family owned company in Chile's central valley, committed to agriculture and food production. We offer a wide range of dehydrated apple products. Contact your Klass Ingredients representative today to find out more about our full line of offerings!