As a premier supplier of cocoa and chocolate ingredients worldwide, ADM helps customers in the confectionery, bakery, dairy and other food industries create products that satisfy a host of flavor, texture and color requirements.
From high-fructose corn syrups and dry sweeteners to no- and low-sugar and reduced-calorie options, ADM offers a wide selection of sweetener products to meet varying needs for sweetness, flavor intensity, viscosity, glycemic response, particle size and price. US Only.
Founded in 1924, the American Almond Products Company manufactures a wide assortment of premium quality natural nut butters, sweetened nut pastes, finely milled nuts flours and related specialty ingredients.
Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc is a division of Crain Orchards, Inc a farming operation which is currently one of the largest growers of English Walnuts in California. Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to provide a full spectrum of walnut products.
Cookies...whether crushed, crumbled, creme filled, whole or in a crumb format...we are Creative Food Ingredients. New England Only.
At Del Monte, we make the foods that nourish and enrich millions of families every day. And that means we're nourishing businesses like yours, too. Great-tasting products at a great price from a name people trust.
Del Rey Packing Company packs premium quality California Raisins to your precise specifications.
Domino Specialty Ingredients manufactures a broad spectrum of organic and natural sugar, malt, molasses, honey, rice, rice syrup, rice bran, rice flour, specialty sugars, and pharmaceutical products.
Dutch Gold offers many floral varieties of pure and all-natural honey.
Since 1963, we are dedicated to produce solutions for our customers in the Beverage and Food Industry. We consider ourselves the ideal product development partner and supplier of successful creations. Our portfolio of products includes flavor systems for beverages, juice blends and flavors used as ingredients.
Featuring more than 45 delicious fruit and vegetable products with extraordinary health benefits, Graceland assures ever-increasing supplies of raw fruits and vegetables from field to consumer. US ONLY
As a family owned and operated company, Hadley's prides itself in producing the highest quality dates available on the market.
International Fruit Marketing makes available frozen and aseptic juice concentrates and beverage bases for remanufacturing by dairies and retail packers. IFMs’ partnerships with major processors and importers of citrus, apple and assorted puree concentrates in addition to drink bases, ranging from 0%-100% juice content, provides the foundation for our national sales organization servicing regional markets.
International Macadamia produces the world’s finest quality wholesale macadamias for the ingredient and retail markets around the world.
Wyman’s is the leading US grower, packer, and marketer of wild blueberries and berry fruits flash-frozen, canned and in juices.
One of the nations largest tomato suppliers, .JG Boswell is a vertically integrated company with a state of the art production process.
Established in 1984, KLT Fruits, Inc. manufactures tropical fruit purees, concentrates, red bean jams as well as preserves.
Today's consumers' palates are wild about the mouthwatering flavor that caramelizing, sauteing, fire-roasting, and smokehouse-roasting can impart to vegetables and fruits. Contact your Klass Ingredients representative today to find out more about these products! US ONLY.
McLure's Honey & Maple Products. New York and New England only.
Meridian Nut Growers supports growers, processors and buyers of California almonds, pistachios, walnuts, prunes and raisins as well as South African macadamia nuts.
Milne creates fruit juices, concentrates, purees and custom blends from over 25 different fruits.
Mizkan Americas, Inc. is the country's leading food ingredient manufacturer and marketer of vinegars, cooking wines, denatured spirits, wine/vinegar reductions and industrial mustard. In addition, Mizkan has a complete portfolio of green chile, red/green jalapeno, chipotle and tomatillo peppers.
Dedicated to providing the finest quality Mustard and Horseradish for over 100 years.
The Musco Family Olive Co. is proud to be the leading supplier of olives in America.
Our team members are committed to providing the highest standard of quality, customer service and delivery of fine products to the industry.
Ocean Spray was founded in 1930 by three independent cranberry growers. Now one of America's leading brands, Ocean Spray remains a grower-owned agricultural cooperative to this day. Ocean Spray ITG develops fruit ingredients for the global food and beverage industry.
Rose Acre is a family owned egg farm with operations in the rural heartland of America. The family association with eggs and farming dates back over 125 years. Rose Acre has established themselves as an industry leader in quality, value and freshness throughout the United States.
San Joaquin packs a complete line of California dried figs, which includes consumer packages, bulk and industrial products - all packaged under the Nutra Fig Label. Organic Available!
As the oldest standardized chili producer in the world, and the only truly global manufacturer of dehydrated vegetable ingredients, we provide our customers with stability of supply and a broad range of products to meet their evolving needs. Dehydrated Onion & Garlic: New York and New England only.
SunButter® is a peanut butter substitute made from sunflower seeds.
SunnyGem was born as a vertically integrated company that supplies Simply Almonds. Our commitment to quality has grown to be almost fanatical. Sunny Gem has just recently expanded their line to launch a new state of the art facility manufacturing pomegranate concentrate. Call your Klass representative today for more information!
Over 45 years of experience in the sunflower industry makes us a leading innovator and supplier of sunflower. Working directly with growers, we are involved in every step of the process from seed-to-table. We are committed to researching, developing and supplying new sunflower products. Our state-of-the-art technology, vertically integrated business model and commitment to quality ensure we deliver the best quality and value for your market.

SupHerb Farms’ Fresh Frozen Ingredients supply ready-to-use fresh flavor that is a cut above the rest. Just one taste is all it takes to experience how fresh the flavor is in any of our fresh frozen culinary herbs and specialty vegetables. New York only.
Traina Foods produces the world's finest sun dried fruit, serving manufacturers, ingredient companies and distributors. We ensure the highest standard of quality: California at its best with premium sun dried taste. US Only.
Unique Ingredients’ aim is to provide a flexible “user-friendly” way of purchasing fruit ingredients. Our partner, Surfrut is a family owned company in Chile's central valley, committed to agriculture and food production. We offer a wide range of dehydrated apple products. Contact your Klass Ingredients representative today to find out more about our full line of offerings!
For 20 years Klassic Coconut has striven to be the best in all areas of the industry. What started as a small operation, selling to a single market, has risen to become one of the largest importers of desiccated coconut, and manufacturers of sweetened and toasted coconut on the continent.
Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Co. is dedicated to the production of the highest quality natural ingredients for food and beverage manufacturers around the world, with processing facilities in the heart of the California citrus and kiwi growing regions.
As a leading supplier of custom milled oats, barley and wheat, Viterra's ingredients are used in a wide variety of baked products, hot and cold breakfast cereals, and grain based snacks and bars.
Westnut is the largest processor and marketer of hazelnuts in North America. We process and deliver everything from diced nuts to finely ground meal on time and consistently fresh.